20 years of Metropolitan University Prague

2001 – 2021

Metropolitan University Prague has been here for you for 20 years. The official date of founding the institution is 23 May 2001. At that time, the university started with 37 students, two classrooms and two offices, without any investors and sponsors. Our only capital was the work and enthusiasm of the founder and several other enthusiasts.

Nowadays, MUP offers education to about 3000 students in 25 study programmes on Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level in Czech and English in two buildings in Prague, it includes 9 institutes and 5 science centres and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports ranks it as the best-evaluated private university in Czechia. MUP also includes the MUP Press publishing house, two scientific journals (CEJISS and Politics in Central Europe), the MUP Sport Club and the School Without Barriers social programme. Since its foundation, MUP has produced more than 15500 alumni.


Foundation of College of Public Administration and International Relations in Prague

2021-05-20T21:43:17+02:0023. 5. 2001|



Instruction in the Public Administration Bachelor’s programme started

2021-05-22T17:35:27+02:001. 10. 2001|


The accreditation expanded by the Legal Administration in Industrial Property programme

2021-05-20T21:48:34+02:001. 6. 2002|

Accreditation of the International Relations and European Studies programme

2021-05-20T21:52:59+02:001. 12. 2002|

(conducted in Czech language)


The beginning of the School Without Barriers programme

2021-05-20T21:53:46+02:001. 10. 2003|

The School Without Barriers programme is aimed at students with mobility impairment who receive scholarship for the tuition fee.


MUP joined the European Lifelong Learning Programme / Erasmus

2021-05-20T21:54:45+02:001. 4. 2004|

International cooperation is one of the key activities of MUP. Currently, the university collaborates with more than 200 partner universities all over the world.

The first Master’s programme – International Relations and European Studies was accredited

2021-05-22T17:36:07+02:001. 7. 2004|

The graduation of the first students of the university

2021-05-26T16:41:41+02:001. 10. 2004|

The graduation ceremony has been taking place in the building of Prague City Hall since the beginning.

MUP crossed the number of 500 students

2021-05-20T22:04:24+02:001. 10. 2004|

Accreditation of the Humanities Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:45:12+02:001. 12. 2004|


The first publication of the Politics in Central Europe journal

2021-05-21T22:12:10+02:001. 1. 2005|

Accreditation of the first Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in English – International Relations and European Studies

2021-05-22T17:41:39+02:001. 6. 2005|

The Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) was founded

2021-05-20T22:07:54+02:001. 10. 2005|

MUP crossed the number of 1000 students

2021-05-20T22:08:38+02:001. 10. 2005|

Accreditation of the International and Regional Relation in Industrial Property Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:42:00+02:001. 12. 2005|


Accreditation of the International Business Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:42:21+02:001. 5. 2006|

(conducted in Czech Language)

Accreditation of the European Studies and Public Administration Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:43:32+02:001. 7. 2006|

The MUP Sport Club was founded

2021-05-20T22:11:23+02:001. 8. 2006|


MUP gained the status of university

2021-05-21T13:02:45+02:001. 1. 2007|

Accreditation of the first Doctoral programme International Relations and European Studies

2021-05-21T20:00:39+02:001. 5. 2007|

MUP also concluded an agreement with the Institute of International Relations Prague about realisation of this programme.

The publication of the peer-reviewed Central European Journal of International and Security Studies (CEJISS) started

2021-05-20T22:14:48+02:001. 6. 2007|

The MUP Institute of Legal Protection of Industrial Property was founded

2021-05-21T20:11:17+02:001. 9. 2007|

The newly rented and renovated spaces in Prague in the Jarov quarter opened

2021-05-20T22:16:50+02:001. 10. 2007|

Including wheelchair-accessible facilities for students.

Accreditation of the Anglophone Studies Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:43:57+02:001. 10. 2007|

The university centres in Pilsen, Liberec and Hradec Králové were founded

2021-05-20T22:18:05+02:001. 10. 2007|

The new name: Metropolitan University Prague

2021-05-20T22:18:47+02:001. 12. 2007|


Accreditation of the International Relation and European Studies Doctoral programme in English

2021-05-21T20:17:43+02:001. 7. 2008|

MUP received the international award Handinnov EU 2008 for the best project for the integration of disabled young people to university

2021-05-26T16:43:48+02:001. 11. 2008|


The Centre for Security Studies (C4SS) started its activities

2021-05-20T22:21:03+02:001. 1. 2009|

The first university ball

2021-05-20T22:21:37+02:001. 3. 2009|

The Ibero-American Centre (IAC) was founded

2021-05-20T22:22:03+02:001. 4. 2009|

Accreditation of the Asian Studies and International Relations Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:44:40+02:001. 7. 2009|

MUP concluded an agreement on long-term collaboration with the Czech National Disability Council (CNDC)

2021-05-20T22:23:08+02:001. 7. 2009|

Agreement on collaboration with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and foundation of WIPO depository library

2021-05-20T22:23:40+02:001. 11. 2009|

The Centre for Support of Science was founded

2021-05-20T22:24:11+02:001. 12. 2009|


Accreditation of the Regional Studies and International Business Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:46:01+02:001. 2. 2010|

Accreditation of the International and Regional Relations in Industrial Property Doctoral programme

2021-05-21T20:43:32+02:001. 2. 2010|

The first Double Degree programme

2021-05-20T22:29:10+02:001. 10. 2010|

The publication of the peer-reviewed journal ACTA MUP – Legal Protection of Intellectual Property started

2021-05-21T22:15:51+02:001. 12. 2010|


Foundation of the news website MUP-Times

2021-05-20T22:29:50+02:001. 1. 2011|

The MUP-Times website underwent a major redesign in 2014 and was renamed as iMUP.

Accreditation of the Political Science Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:46:29+02:001. 5. 2011|

Accreditation of the Media Studies Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:47:00+02:001. 7. 2011|


MUP became a registered research organisation

2021-05-20T22:32:24+02:001. 6. 2012|

The number of students reached almost 6000

2021-05-20T22:32:46+02:001. 10. 2012|


Accreditation of the Media Studies Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:47:24+02:001. 3. 2013|

Beginning of intensive cooperation with high schools

2021-05-20T22:34:49+02:001. 6. 2013|


The MUP Press university publishing house was founded

2021-05-20T22:35:14+02:001. 7. 2014|

Accreditation of the Asian Studies and International Relations Master’s programme in English

2021-05-22T17:47:58+02:001. 7. 2014|

MUP participated in the 111 Hours race

2021-05-20T22:37:46+02:001. 7. 2014|

The technical facilities were made available in the MUP building at Jarov

2021-05-20T22:38:38+02:001. 7. 2014|


Metropolitan University Prague received the MOSTY award

2021-05-22T17:04:33+02:001. 3. 2015|

for the School Without Barriers social programme for students with mobility impairment.

Accreditation of the Security and Technology of Communication Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:48:39+02:001. 5. 2015|

The MUP Eshop was opened

2021-05-20T22:39:36+02:001. 5. 2015|


The Café-Bistro MUP was opened in the MUP building at Strašnice

2021-05-20T22:40:24+02:0013. 4. 2016|

River Party – an appreciation of the international partners at the occasion of the 15 years anniversary of MUP

2021-05-20T22:40:56+02:0019. 5. 2016|


The Metropolitan University Bank was founded

2021-05-21T21:51:07+02:0017. 1. 2018|

The Metropolitan University Bank was established as a part of a project of fictitious companies. The objective of its activities is to provide fictitious bank services to clients from the ranks of fictitious companies as an actual bank would.

Accreditation of the Security Studies Bachelor programme

2021-05-21T21:23:11+02:001. 6. 2018|

The Team Without Barriers was founded within the MUP Sport Club

2021-05-20T22:43:39+02:001. 6. 2018|

The colloquium 15 Years of the School Without Barriers Programme

2021-05-20T22:48:39+02:0013. 6. 2018|


Accreditation of the Tourism Bachelor’s programme

2021-05-22T17:49:05+02:001. 4. 2019|


Accreditation of the Tourism Master’s programme

2021-05-22T17:49:45+02:001. 11. 2020|


MUP is the best private university in the Czech Republic

2021-05-26T16:44:52+02:0010. 5. 2021|

Metropolitan University Prague is the best-evaluated private university in the Czech Republic! According to the historically first ranking of all research organisations by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Research, Development and Innovation Council, Metropolitan University Prague received the best evaluation among the humanities universities.


MUP celebrates its 20th anniversary

2021-05-20T22:50:36+02:0010. 5. 2021|

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